Quite often decent bands and films skip Birmingham. I don’t know whether that’s a promotion problem or what but it is very frustrating. Mind you as I have been known to miss gigs by my favourite bands that are literally at the end of my road, I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. Anyway the fact that Capsule arrived a decade ago to redress the balance makes up for the occasional snub in spades. Capsule, for those of you who are ignoramii, is a Birmingham based promoter (and more) who specialise in specialism. A quick browse through their ten year history will have most fans of experimental, avant garde and just plain great music looking for ways to move to this fine city. It was courtesy of Capsule that I finally got to watch Lightning Bolt in a very small room last year, which rates as the closest I have ever come to a religious experience.

Anyway, the good news is that they are back with their fine Supersonic festival which will take place from the 21st – 23rd October. The line up can be enthused over here http://www.supersonicfestival.com. The things I am most excited about, in ascending order are Zu93, Scorn, Zombi and Secret Chiefs 3. Zu93 is a collaboration between Italian free jazz / rock nutters Zu and Prefuse 93. I recently listened to a Prefuse 93 album and was ok with it until some dreadful vocals messed everything up, but everything I have ever heard by Zu has been impressive. Scorn is the long running side project of Mick Harris (ex Napalm Death). I have never been a huge fan of Scorn but it has been very interesting to watch them go from being completely ignored (because they were “Industrial” and therefore irrelevant) to being embraced by the increasingly moody industrial / dubstep / techno scene. Mr. Harris must be laughing his head off. Zombi are a two piece drum and synth affair and I love them. Yes they are a lot like Goblin but “Surface To Air” is a brilliant album and I am looking forward to doing some extravagant progressive dancing to their intergalactic sounds. Finally it gives me huge boners to say that Secret Chiefs 3 will be appearing. If you haven’t heard Secret Chiefs then you have absolutely no business being on this website. They are among the best bands ever to have worn cloaks. I have never seen them live but my repeated viewings of “Live At The Great American Music Hall” have prepared me for an epic experience. If SC3 want to be heavy they will be the heaviest. If they want to be intricate then they will own intricacy. And if I take Ken with me there would seem to be a reasonable chance at backstage interview tomfoolery. I better start practicing my groupie skills.


Limited number of tickets on sale now www.theticketsellers.co.uk


Kim Monaghan