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Right Where You Are Sitting Now is an online magazine that explores the weirder side of the world we live in. From fringe musicians to cults, from alternative thinkers to Magick…basically, if it’s coming from a fresh, funny or different perspective, we are interested in it!


The RWYASN Team:

Ken Eakins 

Ken is the editor of SittingNow and it’s minions. He has written for a plethora of magazines, and websites, and now – not unlike Darth Vader – he is the master….sort of.

When not slaving over this site, he edits videos professionally, and produces podcasts for companies, and other indie projects.


Kim Monaghan (Daddytank)

Daddy Tank is an unimaginative creature, easily sated with flickering lights and loud noises. In the whole of 2008 he did not actually manage to read a single proper book, which should tell you all you need to know. His time is mostly taken up with occupying a small, young version of himself and endlessly walking places, for profit and for fun.

His greatest hope is to be selected as a test subject for the first flight to Mars while his biggest fear is that one day people will be able to hear his thoughts.



  1. Hey guys,

    Having an issue with the most recent episode, I’m subscribed via iTunes, and it cuts off at 28 minutes 14 seconds. Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the episode, too…I read Liber Null by Peter Carroll (the first book on chaos magick, or any kind of magickal practice, I’ve ever read), and it cut off right before the explanations of invocation/evocation!

    So this isn’t a total downer, I’m really enjoying the show! I found you via Disinfo, when they posted your interview with Taylor Ellridge, and I’ve been bouncing around through the archives and eagerly awaiting the new episodes as they come out.

    Rock on,

    – J

  2. hey there, thanks for the heads-up on that.

    We had a weird problem with the FTP transfer of the episode, but it is all up now.

    I think you have to either re-subscribe to the feed on iTunes or delete the episode then right click on the podcast and click on ‘update feed’ (on a mac). It should re-download the file for you.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Guys, I like the show, a lot — it’s one of the best things to pick up where Out There left off and the new Disinfo show is going . I’m sending it to my friends.

    But a question about the sound — any way to clean up your guests’ sound? I just tried listening to the Downes episode, and he sounds like he’s talking into a can shoved into a pillow. Couldn’t hear a thing.

  4. hmm, that’s weird…

    oh wait! Yeah on that ep I left a microphone plugged into the desk that was picking up a whole load of background noise!

    sorry about that

  5. Thanks Ken — problem known. The Rushkoff interview was clear as a bell, and a good interview too (I use some of his work for my own academic work).

    Looking forward to the next episode; I just found the podcast, and after the recent Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, I’m nearly caught up. My wife was fascinated with Raymond and Austin Gandy on the occult, by the way, but I think a lot of that was just Austin’s voice. He’s like an occult crooner.

  6. haha, yeah he is, and will hopefully be back on the show VERY soon 🙂 new show will be up this week, had a break due to illness and some other issues, but back now!

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