You are staring out of a window. A crow in a wheelchair caws in a futile fashion while being mugged for snacks. As the magpies leave they tip the crow over and as a fox saunters by it casually urinates on the crow, completing his misfortune. You gaze over the other side of the street and watch as an abbatoir catches fire. Half butchered cattle stampede around, missing limbs and on fire, lowing painfully despite the full and torrential rain. As the last of the maimed bovines escape you see them being chased by miniature skinheads….no, not miniature skinheads but toddlers. Racist toddlers have set fire to an abbatoir and now they are marauding up and down the street urinating through letterboxes (despite their small stature) and defaecating on car bonnets, then artfully arranging their turds into swastikas.  You can’t bear to watch anymore, so you pull the shredded curtains over your broken window and dolefully blink your vision round the bedsit you live in. The body parts on the cooker have begun to liquify and are covering the surfaces with black ichor. The flies are sluggish from the cold but even so you find the sight of them crawling over your broken tv screen somewhat distressing. Thankfully the single naked light bulb swaying from a mildewed cord, just off centre of the ceiling, illuminates the scene before you. It would be depressing in the dark.


(The Raime EP on Blackest Ever Black available here



Kim Monaghan