I have recently been listening to a lot of internet radio. I can’t listen to conventional radio because it’s mostly shit. Dandelion Radio is a station inspired by the memory of John Peel which is run by a lot of very committed volunteers with excellent taste in music. It plays the sort of diverse range of music Peel himself loved, and anyone who loves music should respect what John Peel did over the years. To celebrate their five years of broadcasting, they have compiled a selection of their favourite artists and songs. Most of them I have never heard of, but at least half of the stuff I have listened to warrants further inspection and there are at least four or five tracks on there which I fully intend to play on the Behind Closed Doors podcast (Block 45 and The Chasms to name a couple).Oh they also have a track from the Jack Hayter EP I reviewed (which is out on Audio Antihero). The albums are available for free till the end of June, so to summarise; two free albums of mostly good and sometimes great tunes. It must be a trap.






Kim Monaghan