Ok, more punky metal-y type stuff from Southern Lord…always a good thing. This is the American bands debut album. It is under half an hour long. There is very little in the way of enunciation, in fact even to my well trained ears it sounds like the singer is just making noises that emulate what a singer for this kind of band should sound like. Very convincing but not hugely enlightening. The opening number is deceptively sludge-y considering the breakneck pace at which they rush through the rest of the songs on the album (my favourite “Swamp” clocks in at 1:49) but when they’re motoring along its very hard not to swing your head about and pull faces.

Are they spectacularly unique enough to gain some kudos in the cultural meltdown we are living through ? Probably not, but I wouldn’t skip a song on this album, and if its good enough for me its definitely good enough for you plebs.





Kim Monaghan