Many moons ago I did a review of Stuntcock vs The Sontaran Experiment ( where I ejaculated my brain glands all over your greedy faces concerning the finer points of what does and does not constitute noise music. Now while Stuntcock and BBBlood may not sound anything alike to me, they do both operate in the same field of “music”, and both leave the average fan of melodies and such completely aghast. So rather than try and do an intellectual dissection of the fantastically named “Destroy, Shatter, Stun, Intoxicate”, I am going to imagine some hilarious times and places to listen to this BBBBlood EP for you, dear readers, to try.

1.Through a mobile phone whilst sat on the back seat of a bus, whilst wearing a heavily stained raincoat and bottle top glasses, while staring at people who are much larger and clearly more violent than you.

2.So you pulled some fit male / female and managed to get them back to yours ? Pop on the BBBlood EP and when they pull faces make out that you have no idea what the problem could possibly be. Then when they try to leave throw them in a cellar with the others.

3.At a funeral. Not your own but someones. It would be interesting to make out that it was such and such’s last request that the whole thing be played. Watch the room fill with tension. Will anyone have the balls to just turn it off ?

4. At a silent disco. Admittedly it will be a very private joke but you can imagine everyone else dancing to the crazed sounds going in your ears and I reckon that would be pretty funny.


Oh, you have to download it first obviously, which you can do for free here



Kim Monaghan