Unusually for me I actually have some idea of who Kingbastard is, having stumbled upon him on the Intranought a while ago. Creator of well produced and quirkily upbeat IDM tunes I remember mentally marking him up for future reference. Well, fortuity and high-rolling social habits have put me square in the path of Mr. Bastards new EP “Brainfunk” and I am happy to be there. Nothing too complicated, no moaning or self pity. No drone and no glitch just cheery, sunshine-y, dance-y tunes that bottle the tail end of summer and put it in a …err bottle. Guitar and vocal samples are deftly handled and kept simple so that the original chirpiness of the material shines through and I defy anyone to listen to “You Float My Boat” or “King B Waggle Dance” without feeling just a little bit happier.


The Brainfunk EP will be available on Herb Recordings on October 3rd





Kim Monaghan