New solo album from one half of Mitoma, whose “Interstellar Debris” album (on Section 27) won my favour earlier this year. I was going to draw a picture for this review but I thought the only person who that wouldn’t annoy would be me so I won’t. Renegade industrial robot beats, frazzled far away synths and plosive bass noises are expertly aligned with each other to create an album that will happily beat non-electronica albums with a big metal stick. Thought provoking on one hand and then aggressively militaristic on another, all the tracks flow together creating what would have been described in the 90’s as a journey. Of course, listening to an album can’t be classed as a journey unless you’re a twunt, but it certainly travels through many different moods and while being quite soundtrack-y it also delivers stand alone bangers like “Chasm”, “Geometric” and “Frenetic”. In short, I like it, and I recommend that you go and grab your free download from





Kim Monaghan