This is a grunting, straining and visceral beast of a record. Supernatural Cat plainly know what they’re doing, being home to the excellent OvO and now the superbly named Morkobot. Two bass guitars and a drumkit combine to create a throbbing mechanistic and distinctly inhuman sound that occasionally sounds like Ruins but if they were really angry and made of metal. There is a maths-y element to the music but in a kind of self deny-ing vein. Morkobot plainly can’t stand self-indulgence so nothing gets too complicated or self-important and the limited instrumentation is utilized to maximum effect throwing up some weird noises. This is the fourth album from these unsettling Italian robot wannabes and I hope it will win band members Lin, Lan and Len a reprieve from the oppressive ministrations of the evil Morkobot. The album is available on 17th October from Supernatural Cat.




Kim Monaghan