So now that idiots like Skrillex and Chase and Status have killed dubstep and drum’n’bass, does that mean that we have to bury them in the secret electronica burial grounds or are we still allowed to like them ? Flint Kids would say yes and I would be inclined to agree with them on the sound of this release. It finds Flint Kids taking some of the less easily identifiable features of dubstep and creating an inverted world of musical right angles that is more akin to Autechre and Aphex Twin than Skrollocks.

Utilising inorganic sounds and non instruments, Flint Kids have glued their debut EP together in a musical way, despite a hosile sounding set up. Artificial digital sounds slide around your headspace and time stretching beats and bass create a weird sensation that is music but refracted back through portals. The original tracks and the remixes blend together in a satisfying way and while those of you who crave verse / chorus / verse action will go begging, if you’re looking for a soundtrack to some introspective star gazing you may well get a lot out of this, particularly the surreptitious but lovely “Triangular”. Oh and this one is free too. Don’t thank me. Thank Flint Kids.

78,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan