It shouldn’t take any more than two and a half minutes to realise how good this is. Opening track “Mental Pollution” starts out fairly discretely (coming on like a sort of Editors-y type thing) but by the time they hit the verse, with its dramatic tom section and a lovely assured dissonant guitar note, only the coldest of hearts will not be moved. “Running Beasts” carries on the confidence of the opener but ends with a Spartan ambient loop which allows the band to move into the territory of electro-baroque torch song with “Go Out”. The production is confident and forward looking with a little sliced up drum action, drum machines and synths to reinforce the modern aspect of this record, but the songwriting is pretty classic so the record feels both relevant and timeless.

            If you’re not convinced by the opening trio then I’m offering you a money back guarantee that you will love “Wild Sleep” which is like Chris Isaak meets Joy Division. Now I hate both of these bands (yes I hate Joy Division) but when you get a song as strong as this (that just happens to remind me of those acts) it isn’t sane to try and deny its qualities. I love this band’s songs, I love the singers voice and the only question I have is a perennial one. What kind of planet are we living on where someone can create music as beautiful as “completely Absent” and not expect to make a living from it ? Because this is another excellent release that is as free as a bird from the excellent 2419 Record Label and while I applaud them for having such a super set of ears, you don’t make records like this for nothing. Go and show your support for the label and band and download it.

89,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan