Charge headlong into the darkness and down the Benighted Path with Ken and Mark this week as we challenge the listener to don the Infernal Masque! Leading us through this cosmic void is the wonderful Richard Gavin author of both horror fiction, and occult works.

This week we discuss: Dreams as magical portals, working with the darkness, Ludwig Klages and Kenneth Grant, and much more.

Joining me, Dead but still dreaming is Mar(c)k Satyr

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Richard Gavin Bio:

Richard Gavin is a critically-acclaimed writer who works in the areas of horror and the primordial, oftentimes illuminating the nexus where these fields intersect. He has authored four books of macabre fiction, as well as poetry, criticism, and several occult essays for publications such as Starfire Journal and ClavisThe Benighted Path is his most substantial esoteric work to date.
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