Take a trip out to the Californian deserts and join the occult rocket-race with Ken and Mark. Our man who fell to Earth this week is the wonderful George Pendle, author of the go-to book on Jack Parsons ‘Strange Angel’.

This week we discuss: Just who was Jack Parsons and why are we still talking about him?, The OTO’s influence on Parsons’ life?, how do you go from rocket science to occult magician? and much more.

Joining me from his command outpost this week is Mar(c)k Satyr™

Main theme by Simon Smerdon (Mothboy)

Music bed by chriszabriskie.com

George Pendle Bio:

George Pendle is an author and journalist.

He writes about contemporary art, historical fiction, imaginary countries, real monsters, mad scientists, sane occultists, and the color blue.

He has written for the Economist, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Times (London), the Guardian, the Observer, frieze, Cabinet, Bidoun, Modern Painters, and Icon.

He has also written signs for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

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