We return to the mic this week to look at all things spooky, kooky and … saucery (shut up, it works!) with ‘crackpot historian’ Adam Gorightly.

This week we discuss: The conspiracy roadmap from the early days of Ufology all the way up to the madness of Qanon. We look at the Dulce Base theories, disinformation, Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, The Satanic Panic…and much more.

Joining me in the hot-seat this week is Ulysses Black

Get Adam’s latest book ‘Saucers, Spooks and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the age of Aqaurius’ in the UK here, and in the US here

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Adam Gorightly Bio:

A self-described “crackpot historian,” Adam Gorightly’s articles have appeared for two decades in nearly every ‘zine, underground magazine, counter-cultural publication, and conspiratorial website imaginable. Bringing a mischievous sense of Prankster-Discordianism to the zany world of fringe culture, once Gorightly connects his dots, readers are plunged into alternative universes that forever alter their view of “reality.


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