The bizarro world of NFTS art sales has been throwing up some controversies recently, and not only for its high prices on certain pieces of digital art. Groups online have been protesting about the more ecological consequences of the bit-currency market, and though some solutions have been offered, it’s pretty unlikely to be fully addressed in the near-future.

All this aside though, some pretty cool artists have been dipping their toe into the strange digital art world, including my favorite band Mr Bungle, who recently made a recording of their Disco Volante rehearsal sessions available to only 4 lucky fans via NFTS (cmon! someone torrent that shit already).

Most recently though, one of my all-time favorite directors David Cronenberg (Videodrome/Crash et al) has just made his contribution in the shape of a short film. 56 seconds in length ‘The Death of David Cronenberg’ is available to stream on NFTS auction-house SuperRare for one day only whilst bidding commences.

The film is an eerie depiction of Cronenberg observing his own corpse, which he lies with and corpse-poses next to…basically, it’s very Cronenberg. His own personal body-horror perhaps?

You can also watch the film on YouTube, but I have been unable to confirm is this video will remain online post-auction
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