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The Eyeborg is the project of a one eyed film maker and an unemployed engineer attempting to insert a video camera into a prosthetic eye.

Rob Spence is hoping to film the documentary from a unique perspective which has not been seen before. He is currently working on a film about the Eyeborg project, and the experience of living with a bionic eye.

Of course the main problem is finding a camera small enough to fit in the eye socket, and currently the prototype eye is using a camera designed for colonoscopies.

The device also contains a transmitter smaller then the tip of a pencil, and a lithium bathery which is powering the camera; the images are sent to a receiver which can be carried in a backpack.

Spence and engineer Kosta Grammatis are in the final stages of their project, however they are working on a small budget and are requesting donations via the blog. Actor Ashton Kutcher has offered his support in the project, hoping to use the technology for hidden camera shows.

This is of course big news for Lifecasters and spies, who could use the Eyeborg for surveillance or reality videos. One can only speculate if such a device could achieve popularity, since there is the downside of having to remove and replace the organic eye with a bionic one; only time will tell.

Rob Spence is hoping to raise awareness about surveillance and Big Brother CCTV cameras, if this technology falls in the wrong hands, it could lead to an increase of hidden cameras observing the unsuspecting; watch out for the government hiring one eyed people, in fact, in the future, watch out for all one eyed people.

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