Broadcast #001

Broadcast #001

***New Signal****


Welcome to the first episode of Behind Closed Doors, the new music show from the guys behind the guys behind the guys. Ken Eakins ( and Kim ‘Daddytank’ Monghan present this, the first of a weekly transmission. This episodes noise:

Botch- Rock Lobster –
Black Pepper – Pear decaying gracefully –
Elks – Sorry for the Inconvieniance –
Black Pus – Down Da Drain –
Shield Your Eyes – Nicola Vella Burrows –
Mothboy – Tryptych –
Zu – Soulympics –
Xperrymental – sunrise ritual on the starship –
Bar9 – Midnight –
Comfort Reference – Dogs Kill –
Old Man Gloom – Skull Storm –
Geordi La Force – The Baguette of Phil Collins –

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line at


***Signal Ends***

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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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