Ronson and Williams at a UFO conference

Cringeworthy pop-star Robbie Williams surprised the world a bit recently by revealing his fascination with UFO’s. Williams recruited Guardian journalist and documentarian Jon Ronson, known for his coverage of oddball subjects, and flew to Nevada to attend a UFO abductee conference. On meeting a mother of an alleged ‘Multi-dimensional star-child’ Williams relayed:

“I think joining Take That was like leaving on a spaceship, and coming back and all your friends going, ‘He’s weird now.'”

For more Williams-infested paranormal hi-jinks, check Robbie Williams and Jon Ronson journey to the otherside on BBC Radio 4 next Tuesday at 11pm GMT. If this is not acceptable with your time-zone you can always use the BBC’s listen again service on their Radio 4 site.

Guardian Article written by Ronson

BBC page for the show

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