Albert Hoffman

WOW! 102!! Thats good news for acidheads the world over!

Hoffman was best known for creating lysergic acid diethylamide back in 1938, a few years later, when examing the substance further, Hoffman accidentally absorbed a small amount through his finger and essentially had the first ‘trip’. Hoffman continued to study the substance by administering steadily higher doses to himself (up to 250 milligrams) and his colleagues. Hoffman went on to study various hallucinogenic substances and has written many articles and books on the subject.

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff comments:

I met him in the 90’s in LA, back during the psychedelic “revival.” Maybe now there will be another one.

Hoffman was a soft-spoken and friendly fellow, always ready to answer a query without making you feel stupid for asking. That’s the kind of scientist I like.

Read Albert Hoffmans Wikipeda article here

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