One of our Australian listeners, Jo (from Cambria), was so inspired by Robert Anton Wilson and Bob Shea’s  ‘Illuminatus Trilogy’, that he added a Fnordic twist to his ‘yarn storming’:

Returning to the source?

Returning to the source?

I’ve attached photos of my most recent knit graffiti. I tag my knit bombs with bright yellow tags – one side has an eye on top of a pyramid with a red line running through it ( Anti-Illuminati) and the other side has a quote from Schrodinger’s Cat or Illuminatus!”


Knit-bombing with a Discordian twist

Now, I have to admit, this is the first case of ‘Yarn Storming’ I’ve ever encountered, so I rushed to YewTube and unearthed this expanatory morsel:

Thanks for that Jo, keep up the good work and Hail Eris!

Ken Eakins

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