Cats and Cats and...Chickens?

Cats and Cats and Cats‘ have been, apart from anything else, off many people’s radars for the last couple of months. Their 2007  release, the critically acclaimed split EP with ‘This Town Needs Guns‘, was a push for the Staines collective that really helped their increasing popularity. Now though,  after many months,  the band are  ready to expose audiences to blinding new material, and a sneaky peak of what a full album will sound like.

The single, ‘Oh Boy!’, Is just a little taster of what we will see from the band in the near future, and I must say it’s very exciting. Keeping very much to their early roots but still being as diverse as ever; immediate comparisons would be to the likes of ‘Of Montreal‘ and ‘Tilly and the Wall‘, with their subtle use of atmospheric folk -like crescendos. The single includes two songs  both containing the word ‘boy’ in the titles (hence the single title), and a remix by Maybeshewill.

Absolutely brilliant off the wall melodies, and great use of multi-instrumental build ups, combine well with their use of post-rock-type atmospherics, that are  benefited further by the duel vocals of Eve and Ben. Disjointed rhythms that change quickly from soft to loud in a matter of seconds were what really brought my ears towards the group in the first place, something not too far from aspects of ‘Arcade Fire’ and ‘Broken Social Scene’ , and I’m glad they have kept some of  their best aspects for this new material.

In a sense Cats and Cats and Cats have never sounded so great, and this should be a year of  renewed success , if this new material is anything to go by.

Make sure you get the new single ‘Oh Boy’ when it’s released 19th of October, a must for new and old cat fans.

Mazz Gambardella

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