This week we pull back the mask of the shadowy group that has so captured the imaginations of conspirasphere for so long…that’s right, we’re finally doing a show on the Illuminati…well, the real one anyway. Our secret hooded guide into the labyrinths of hidden Bavaria this week is the excellent Jon E. Graham, author, artist, translator and member of the Inner Traditions team.

This week we discuss: Just who is Adam Weishaupt, what did the actual Illuminati get up to, what were their rituals and initiations, and why have the group managed to obtain such legendary status amongst the paranoid?

Joining me in the infernal co-host chair this week is the highest of Secret Chiefs, Marck Satyr.

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The Bavarian Illuminati is available now via Inner Traditions.

Jon E. Graham Bio

 I am an artist, writer and translator currently employed as the acquisitions editor for the publisher Inner Traditions, Bear and Company. Before starting this job, I was a chef, bicycle messenger, factory worker, and bookseller. I have also worked with surrealists in France and the US as well as elsewhere in Europe.

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