SittingNow sets foot into alternate realms and discovers a secret meeting of Occult forces. Join us around the fire as we sit down with author Kelden to explore the mysterious Witches Sabbath.

This week we discuss: The tangled roots of the Witches Sabbath, The unlikely victims of the Witchcraft myth, myopic stalky nymphs, and much more.

Joining me in the Otherworld is Marck Satyr

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Kelden’s book is available now.

Kelden Biography:

Hello, my name is Kelden. I am a therapist, writer, Youtuber, and Witch (among many other things). My personal practice, as well as my writing, is largely influenced by both historical and folkloric Witchcraft. This blog is intended to be an ongoing account of my Craft, in terms of my personal experiences, what I’ve learned, and what I am still learning. Topics of particular interests of mine include Scottish Witchlore, Familiar Spirits, Wortcunning, and Hedge-Crossing.

I currently live in Northern Minnesota. I hold a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as two undergraduate degrees in Human Services and Psychology. Besides writing my other hobbies include reading, painting, hiking, gardening, and playing ukulele.

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