This week Ken and Mark find themselves stranded on a nudist desert island … wait….ok I can explain! This week we sit down with Thelemic novelist, Former actor, keen nudist and an executive member of the UK Ordo Templi Orientis, Trevor Gray.

This week we discuss: The esoteric journey, writing Thelema-tinged novels, The culture of nudism, and much more.

Joining me on the deserted desert island this week (hopefully fully clothed), is Marck Satyr.

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From Manhood to Godhead on Amazon

A Whisper in the Silence on Amazon

Trevor Gray Bio:

‘A Whisper in the Silence’ is Trevor’s second novel. His first, ‘From Manhood to Godhead – The Many Lives of Jean Vassar,’ took

him over fifteen years to complete and has received excellent reviews. Trevor took early retirement to concentrate on writing, having spent his entire working life in the world of Showbusiness. As a teenager, he played the drums in local pop bands and gigged briefly as a stand-up comedian. Professionally, he initially worked as an actor, after training at London’s Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, but went on to become a popular personality Disc Jockey in the 1970’s for the Rank Organisation in Brighton. After running a Voice-Over ageny in London’s West End, he moved into Theatre Management, where he worked very successfully for twenty-eight years as Operations Manager for three theatres and a cinema in Worthing. He has been happily married to former actress, Rosemary Faith, for over forty years, both sharing a love of travel and of all things esoteric. Trevor has also had a long interest in traditional circus, plus the conservation of Primates, especially the Great Apes.

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