Like two Universal monsters plucked out of their era, Ken and Mark rise from the grave of podcast absence to explore the Occulture. Our returning guest this week is one of our favourites; the wonderful Carl Abrahamson returns to discuss the wider Occulture drawing from his book of the same name.

This week we discuss: What has kept the Occult so vibrant up until now, the psychology of the Occulture, The Occult in pop culture and much more.

Joining me from behind a veil of mystical light is Mar(c)k Satyr

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Check out Carl’s amazing book on the Occulture

Carl Abrahamsson Biography:

I write fiction, and also material about the arts & entertainment, esoteric history, occulture, as well as artist portraits for the international market. I also lecture on all of the mentioned subjects at art schools, universities, events, symposia and conferences. I also work with filmmaking, in publishing, photography and music. For a quick overview, here are some links:

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