Imagine a man, woman or a group turn up at your door brandishing what looks like legitimate credentials with the intention of removing your child; they know intimate details about your circumstances, the sort of stuff that only a government official would know, how would you react? Sexual predators, or paranormal entities, we discuss the strange case of the Phantom Social Workers with the author of ‘The Child Stealers’ Martin Cannon.

This week we discuss: Lone nuts vs. Conspirators, The Cleveland R.A.D. connection, British and American cases and beyond, Why the media and police constantly fail to connect the dots and much more.

Joining me from the special office of investigations is Mar(c)k™ Satyr

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Martin Canon Bio:

Writer and illustrator Martin Cannon has created or contributed to dozens of books, magazines and websites. He enjoys writing about real-life mysteries.

‘The Child Stealers’
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