Guess what people, NASA is lying to you! No, not about putting a man on the moon, or aliens. It’s the cats that they are covering up…the cats:

Space cats were brought to my attention by a short documentary posted to YouTube recently about Brant Widgeon, an astronomical image enhancement engineer. It is Widgeon’s job each day to take batches of images captured byspace telescopes and doctor them so they resemble what the average man in the street is used to seeing from the likes of Hubble: sweeping nebulae, enormous cosmic explosions, and — critical to global security and stability — absolutely no hints of extraterrestrial life.

This sort of work has been undertaken since the first images of our solar system were captured. In fact, it is rumoured to be an engineer’s oversight in the 1970s that led to the “face on Mars” photograph, captured by Viking 1, being released to the public without the “face” being doctored out. Since then, as the rich imaging capabilities of space telescopes increased, the visual anomalies their unique photographic sensors can cause have become more obvious, and require much more editing time from engineers like Widgeon.

Space Cats revealed in 2012… coincidence? You decide!

Ken Eakins

(via: Wired)


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