Carbonate minerals have been found on the red planet by Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Says the project scientist on MRO, Richard Zurek, “If you preserve carbonates on the surface then you know carbon-bearing compounds can survive in some environments on the planet, […] That means there are some places we can go and look for evidence for past life – if it ever existed.”

More and more people have been taking their cell phones to the grave.

At a University of Michigan lab, artificial human bone marrow was created in a test tube! The marrow can continuously make red and white blood cells which could lead to “simpler pharmaceutical drug testing, closer study of immune system defects and a continuous supply of blood for transfusions.”

A woman from Connecticut was recently awarded with $198,000 when she sued her dentist for giving her “HORSE TEETH” when he’d promised her a “big, beautiful Hollywood celebrity smile,” instead! We’re looking for the photos!

When Reddington Christian Church decided to set up a spotlight representing the star of Bethlehem as part of their nativity scene, a several people mistook it as a UFO!

Sightings of a purple squirrel have been reported at a school in Hampshire!

I’m guessing Sarah Mclachlan’s new TV spots for the ASPCA haven’t amounted to much yet because since the US recession, more and more dogs have been reportedly abandoned.

Afghanistan seems to have a solution, however. Reportedly, dogfighting seems to have made a comeback, recently. Fight to the death?

A great-grandmother at age 99 had to postpone her one-century-celebration when she found out that she’d had the date of her birthday wrong throughout her entire life!

At Tufts University, researchers are working on bio-active optical sensors made from silk that could warn of biological hazards and save lives. For example, they are being engineered to detect and signal, by changing color, if various substances have been found, for example, E.coli, or toxins in a polluted river.

A man in Massachusetts ended up burning his house with a blowtorch he was using to melt ice on his back porch.

Anyone missing a 180,000-carat emerald worth $370 million?

A UPS driver recently entered a Sikh man’s name as “TERRORIST” to the database.

Pedophiles trying to extend their reach?

In Peru, a 20 year old woman named Virgin Mary (Virgen Maria Huarcaya) gave birth to a baby boy and named him Jesus this past December 25th. Originally, father Adolfo Jorge Huamani, a carpenter, believe it or not- was going to name their son after a professional soccer player, but they changed their minds. posts the Ten Notable 2008 Cryptozoology Deaths.

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