Happy new year from all here at Sitting Now. We have some great new stuff lined up for

next year including new shows, live shows, new site and some great guests! But we thought, what better way to see out the new year, than by getting our writers and

contributors to reveal their best bits of 2008!:



Ken Eakins – Editor/Show host

Best Book of 2008 – CounterKnowledge – Damian thompson

Best Film of 2008 – Il y a longtemps que je t’aime (I’ve Loved You So Long)

Best Album of 2008 – Xaphan: Book of Angels, Volume 9 – John Zorn and Secret Chiefs 3

Best Event of 2008 – Fortean Times Uncovention

Best Story of 2008 – Anonymous vs. Scientology


Claire Lumiere – Writer/Show Host

Best Book of 2008 – Looking back, I think I really only read things from the past.
Hardly anything published this year. How about Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine?
That may be the only 2008 book I read.

Best Film of 2008 – Religulous

Best Album of 2008 – Xaphan: Book of Angels, Volume 9 – John Zorn and Secret Chiefs 3

Best Event of 2008 – I didn’t go to any real events this year.

Best Story of 2008 – I couldn’t get over the story about the geek couple that split after the woman caught her hubby cheating on her digitally. (Well, hired an investigator to catch him- which is even better). Also, I vote for the Arab man who threw his shoes at Bush. That is SUCH an insult in their culture, supposedly.


Daddytank: Writer/Myspace Heroes

Best Book of 2008 – From Hell – Alan Moore / Eddie Campbell
(It’s almost a book)

Best Film of 2008 – Cloverfield (It doesn’t make me clever
but I love this film)

Best Album of 2008 – Ire Works – Dillinger Escape Plan
(Art.Pure art)

Best Event of 2008 – Kool Keith @ The Medicine Bar (He shook my hand)

Best Story of 2008 – Worldwide multiple UFO sightings (2009 is the year)


Adrian Dobbie: Writer/Show host

Best Book of 2008 – ‘Howlings’, Various, pub. Scarlet Imprint

Best Film of 2008 – No Country For Old Men, Cohen Bros.

Best Album of 2008 – Not bought an album all year!

Best Event of 2008 – Thelemic Symposium

Best Story of 2008 – Barack Obama wins US General Election


Raymond Wiley: Co Host/Athens Karaoke Super-Star

Best Book of 2008 – Above Top Secret by Jim Marrs is best book.

Best Film of 2008 – No Country For Old Men

Best Album of 2008 – The Second Gleam by The Avett Brothers

Best Event of 2008 – Obama Election

Best Story of 2008 – Georgia Guidestones Vandalism


Heres to another cool 12 months! Happy New Year from everyone here at SittingNow!

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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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