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In the last days of 2010 it is more common than not to hear talking heads on corporate controlled media breathlessly sculpt your ideas about world politics & global power structures. You probably even think you are pretty savvy regarding geo-political events & the machinations of these ‘elite’ that occupy the minds of so many who imagine themselves the proponents of ‘Truth’ (stated parenthetically so often that I felt quotes were in order). But is THAT the truth?

More & more we see tea partiers, libertarians, 911 truthers, good god fearing Christians, and usually un-political people picking up the placards to scream at goldstein during hateweek / protest. What they fail to realize is that by their very actions they are inadvertently transforming into the very thing they have been brainwashed to blindly oppose, The New World Order.

Let me explain…..

As Jordan Maxwell has stated over and over again, ‘there is nothing new about the new world order.’ – others may say ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’. I say: people are funny to watch. This may seem counter intuitive, but if you are Anti-NWO you are in reality Pro-NWO. How can this be true? well….

In a nutshell- All religions are derivative of druidry & all governments are based on the roman empire. This has been the case for nearly two thousand years. We will take this as a granted, based upon the research of ‘the big guys’ anyone reading this article is probable familiar with. The odd counter intuitive part of the equation lies not in the way the system is laid out, but in the perspective of the ‘everyday guy’ and where he imagines himself to stand in allegiance.

Being that the global power structure was given the unlikely moniker of ‘new’, many fresh faced people, full of energy and the best intentions, developed the Idea that this scary empire was some nascent entity or a philosophical ideal just now coming to fruition.


The very fact that you are seeking to sway the OLD order betrays the fact that by definition you are an activist for a NEW order. Ever wonder why the most die hard conservatives (unknowingly / inadvertently?) echo the philosophical ideals that led a group of utopians to set up an egalitarian democratic republic in the New World in the hopes of re-establishing a new Atlantis as imagined modernly by Bacon & his derivatives? <..giggle..>

In this same vein we also find non-religious people supporting papal propaganda by proxy of the ‘truth movement’, much of which was formed by evangelists like ‘former illuminatus’ John Todd (Lance Collins), and avid Jesus eater and speaker of proverbial tongues, Alex Jones.

Yes, more than most, Christianity at large has contributed the largest bulk of these conspiratorial memes. And what of that non-historically-existent immaculately conceived Utopian named Jesus Hermes Christ? Is not the stated goal of christianity to convert the entire populace of the world to his cult? So how is it that we find christians diametrically opposed to anything geo-political (except Israel)? Their political and spiritual beliefs are a gay marriage and ripe for parody. It is no wonder we see them working harder to set the periphery of what is and isn’t ‘fact’.

Its this sort of ‘doublethink’ that has my jaw agape as of late. I feel like Winston Smith walking down hallways filled with party members all screaming to destroy eastasia, (who oceania has ALWAYS been at war with), while i keep my wildly unpopular sentiments to myself for fear of the thought police. I have been called everything, the nicest and best suiting of the lot being ‘contrarian’. But this has little to do with me and much to do with the god-awful positions people adopt.

Shades of Orwell – Shades? its a dystopian blackout. The intricacies of Nineteen-Eighty-Four I wont get into here because we would be here for years, but in short, that is the most fitting and modern delineation of the global power model and the tactics necessary to engage and depend on the dynamic human element, which boils down to mind-control from birth to remove from doubt the ‘random’ nature of human action.

So, next time someone tells you of a luciferian conspiracy with bated breath and eyes full of wonderment, recognize them as the thought criminal they are and walk away before the telescreens see you.

Everett Tuckerhttp://mysticpolitics.com

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