This is a split release on a netlabel that is available for free from here ( The Dissolved tracks sound like Dissolved basically, most remarkably so on “Cold Immersions” or the fantastically named (and fantastic sounding) “Mrs Peacock, Study, Ouija Board”. Not the best work he has ever done but still pretty damn fine stuff. If you want more info on Dissolved go and read one of the six or seven older articles I have written for this very site.

Trills is new to me and so to some extent I was paying a little more attention. On “Ningxia” thudding industrial drums and a shrieking guitar sample are overlaid with barely audible, but sinister sounding vocals. Happily, instead of settling into a comfortable rythmn, Trills decides to take us into a mind melting breakdown before eventually settling back into his original tune. “Madakava” sounds like Boards of Canada being melted into a pot of hip-hop breaks while the time-space continuum struggles to establish order. Intriguing.

“Bia Lola” starts out as a monosyllabic exercise in brutalism before becoming a psychedelic noise fest that shocks your ears back into paying attention. “Suck Cable” appears to be heavily distorted CB radio samples over thudding, time signature free kick drums while hi frequencies make your face hurt. Like a less cheerful cousin of “Grace” on Ministry’s “Psalm 69”. “Pink Carbide” is almost Autechre-ian in its obtuse approach to music as noise/art/madness, consisting as it does of some loops and screaming feedback noises being bounced round inside something like Ableton.

“Flicalic” is more “gibber and squeak” noises but with some masterful production elevating it to something that should have been used as the soundtrack for “Fantastic Voyage” but only if it was set inside a robot. Final track “Plumb” sees a return to more tuneful territory with a normal hip-hop break over some power synths that would sound awesome over a slow motion montage from Terminator.

Kim Monaghan