Interesting choice of logo...

If you’re interested in the 2012 subject, it has likely crossed your mind at least once. You may even of typed in your browser. If you did, it used to simply tell you that the domain was not for sale (and they must have had numerous large offers!).

Recently this has changed and the site actually displays no message but is now appearing in Google natural search results. Amazingly for a site that has no actual content it currently sits at over 350,000 in the Alexa site ranks. For those unaware of rankings, this would be something most sites can only dream of even after expensive SEO and e-marketing projects. So clearly the owners want the site to now start being ranked for some reason.

My bet is that whatever content they intend for this domain is not to many months away now, it has to be pre-2012 to make it worth them holding the site for so many years. Also, they have had it registered for 14 years without posting anything more than a brush off message.

14 years.

So who does own the domain and what interests may they represent? Get ready to stumble into a real life ‘Lost’ style mystery scenario.

One of the other sites registered by the owners is http://aquathought.com that is the site for the Aqua Thought Foundation. The main purpose of this organisation is to make a breakthrough in communication with dolphins.


Kind of reminds of the 'Millennium Group' in some way...

Another site of theirs is learningsoft.net that markets a type of handheld computer designed for educating students. The title of the tool is the Indigo Learning System and on the screens in the picture are the Great Pyramid of Egypt and a whale.

Both sites however seem to track back to funding and ownership by the Jacoby Group http://www.thejacobygroup.com who display images of both the Indigo System and human dolphin interaction on their home site. Ostensibly they appear to be a real estate, energy, education and healthcare group of companies with a very strong green theme to their company profile. Noticeable too is a slightly esoteric company logo of the planet Earth within a form of Yin-yang design.

In an interview Mr Jacoby mentions his ability to see opportunity where others do not. We can assume that holding the 2012.com domain from 1996 to present is part of that thinking. It is worth bearing in mind that Sony would have paid a very hefty sum for the domain in respect of marketing their upcoming film of that name. Obviously the owner feels he has a better use for it, or can make more money from it further down the line as the year approaches?

I can’t help but wonder whether the Dolphins advised them to buy the 2012.com site years before the subject was widely (or even moderately) well known. Could it be that the Dolphins are getting ready to give their message for 2012 to mankind?

Perhaps it is not Mr Jacoby running the company at all…

This domain is not for sale.

Please do not call, write or send email.

Thank you.

Bruce Fenton

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