Yeeeeeaaahhh!!!...wait, what??

Yeeeeeaaahhh!!!...wait, what??

If you haven’t already guessed from our inane banter on the shows, and the odd references to zombies, we’re really big geeks here at SittingNow towers…especially Kim, he’s way worse than me.  So, it will probably come as no suprise to learn that we are pretty excited about the new Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, hitting stores (and my Xbox) in a couple of days.

Now, with story subtitles like ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony, I assumed that this latest edition would be a little bit more off-kilter than the previous offerings, however, I don’t think anyone expected it to be quite this odd:

Wait…what?…I don’t……what?

Does that even have anything to do with GTA? Are there even cars in it? Can I get a review copy of Princess Robot Bubblegum please? I suppose I shouldn’t be too dumbfounded by this trailer, It seems all video games have emplyed acid-head marketing people:

I need to lie down…

Ken Eakins

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