Laughing Squid reports that Long-time Subgenii,  Doug Wellman, a.k.a. ‘Puzzling Evidence’ has been posting video footage from his extensive (apparently Tens of thousands of hours worth) Subgenius video footage archive. According to the Bay Area website:


Doug has been with Subgenius since the halcyon days of the early 80’s. Among his exploits in intensive voyeurism, surreal tourism and enigmatic conspiracies, Doug has, among other notable accomplishments, killed (allegedly) Subgenius Prophet Bob Dobbs,inspired David Byrne to write the song “Puzzling Evidence,” been accused of being a Oakland Police Intelligence officer by a crazed anarchist lawyer and survived a combat tour of Viet Nam as a naval officer.

In this video, Doug and PETA (People Eatin’ Them Animals) rally against PETA (the idiot ones), and some quite surprising antics occur:


You can check Wellman’s massive video-archive on YouTube  here, and pay some respect to the old-guard of slack!

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