Even Cats got in on the action!

It’s ‘game, set and match’ for the sick bastards responsible for a recent spate of cat abuse, and once again, the main-stream media totally ignores the true heroes in this whole case…4Chan

Earlier this week, two young American boys, Kenny and Weston Glenn,  decided it would be a great laugh to abuse their cat ‘Dusty’ and then post videos of the abuse on YouTube.  The video showed really quite horrific footage of the boys smashing the cat against the wall of their bathroom, which the boys oddly reffered to as their ‘lab’. 

However the Dynamically-retarded duo were unaware that cats, much the like the Ancient Eygptians, are sacred to those that lurk the image-boards of the ‘Mos Eisley Canteena-esque’ 4Chan. it was 4Chan that inadvertantly started the whole ‘lolcats’ fad online, with their original (and funnier) ‘Caturday’. 



/b/ back in the 60's

So, as you can imagine, once the Dusty-abuse tapes reached the attention of the ‘Internet Hate Machine‘, all hell broke loose! From the amazing Encyclopedia Dramatica page on the incident: ” An IRC channel –#catraid– was established in short order and the raids signal lit up the sky as Anonymous called for their crack Internet Vigilante Group to mount up and ride. These 1337 h4x0rs quickly found a link to a bargain video website –haitiwow– and a link on haitiwow led to a Lawton, Oklahoma zip code. Using painstaking methods of e-Detection, it was not long before the suspect’s Facebook was located.”

The brave channers, who then linked artifacts in the video to pictures on the Facebook profile,  then called in all this information to the local sherrifs department. The boys were shortly arrested and charged, and local, national and later international news agencies began to take notice:

At first I was angry that no credit was given to the trolls  and camwhores over at 4Chan for their e-detective work, but in a way it’s kind of cool that 4Chan and it’s many offshoots, remain underground and off the radar of the news-media. I mean, could you imagine a website so in the spotlight being able to pull of hacking Sarah Palin’s email account, tricking Oprah Winfrey into reciting one of their memes (“we do not forgive, we do not forget”) in the ‘9000 Penises’ incident and helping to trap and convict pedophiles? I think not…


Ken Eakins

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