I was intrigued about this because it mentioned a “Steve Reich like minimalism” and the clever people at Brainfeeder have a point. This is an EP from a guy who does AV work for most of the big names at Ninja Tune. It is a mostly beat free series of mini loops, worked together into a deeply hypnotic and quite moving ambient soundscape. I never use the word soundscape but it in this case it really is, resembling some of the stuff Brian Eno was doing for “Music For Films” but in a very respectful and innovative way. The three (long) tracks don’t really have an audible point or theme, serenely flowing into each other with delicate but intuitive production. If you need to completely detach yourself from this filthy world for twenty minutes I suggest you go over to Brainfeeder and check this out. The whole thing is based on some sort of near death hallucinatory experience that the guy had and there are plans for an accompanying film, which I look forward to eagerly.





Kim Monaghan