Alpinist are a German punk / metal / thrash band whose mission statement is “total intolerance of any fascist, homophobic or racist ideologies”. Doesn’t that sound fun ? Well actually you would be wrong to ignore them because they are fun. Well not fun but they’re bloody good. Imagine the parrot from Hatebeak fronting Mastodon and screeching in German and you’re almost there.This is a compilation release of their first two albums and as such is quite a hefty listen. Mostly four to the floor and bordering on thrash metal, the playing is intense and how the fuck he manages to sing the way he does I just don’t know. It hurts my throat listening to it. Fuck Rammstein…if you’re going to listen to German metal this is the shit to go for, not those tubby drama queens. The second of the two albums is better but there wasn’t a great deal to complain about from either album. Sehr gut mein freunde. Get it here :


Kim Monaghan