Take one of those fancy Moleskine notebooks, and fill it with a new piece of art everyday until it’s full. Seems like a pretty simple concept right? It would be, except for the fact that it’s being executed by one of my favourite new artists Rod Luff.

Luff’s ‘The Moleskine Project’ is being debuted at the Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco, the same place that recently presented artists tributes to Quentin Tarantino, and the Cohen Brothers:

Spoke Art is proud to present the work of Australian artist Rod Luff in the San Francisco stop on Luff’s inaugural US tour. Entitled, “The Moleskine Project”, Luff”s introductory body of work is an insightful glimpse into the evolution and growth of an emerging artist at one of the most formative stages of his career. The concept is simple, to fill an entire Moleskine notebook from cover to cover within the course of a year, however it is within this deceptive simplicity that the young artist’s talent and resilience shine through providing an intimate and enlightening look into the most fundamental yet rarely seen aspects of any artist’s workings.

A combination of miniature oil paintings, sketches, notes, doodles, and studies, the Moleskine Project brings to light Luff’s conceptual underpinnings and creative inspirations in an accessible and affordable exhibit of original art. Come join us May 5th to welcome Luff to San Francisco.

I am very annoyed that the North Atlantic ocean exists at the moment; thus preventing me from going to this!


Ken Eakins

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