Remember a time before Know Your Meme, and I Can Has Cheezburger made all memes stale, mainstream, and unfunny? Remember a time when you knew Longcat was loooong, and didn’t need a shitty Pedobear T-shirt to let the world know you fail at life?

In this series, we remember a better time. A time when lolcats were still only available on Caturday, and Furries were not the ruling force in the universe.

What you see when you die.


Little is known of the origins of Space Cat, or its older brother (pictured below), what we do know however, is drawn from the records of Ye Olde Encyclopedia Dramaticus:

The Universe is Under Attack!

Catonkeyboardinspace, or space cat as he has become known to some, is a fearless conquerer intent on capturing the universe planet by planet, and eventually the internet. Although the first sightings of catonkeyboardinspace weren’t made on the internet until recently, it is believed that he has been ruling planets and be-heading his victims for over several centuries. Space cat was popularized by in such ytmnd’s as The Universe is Under Attack and What You See When You Die, and it is believed that he will soon be arriving on Earth to destroy our pitiful civilization.

Luckily, the clowns at lolcats Inc. have yet to strike a deal with Space Cat, who is known to burn sellouts with his laser eyes. I recommend that you visit both the links, drink in the futuristic music, and prepare yourself for the inevitable meeting with Space Cat at the gates of hades!


Ken Eakins

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