This annoucement made my swine-flu feel less … swiney?:

You don’t really have to be a massive fan of video games to enjoy PP, but it does help. The series, which began in 2004 and has three million viewers, has been on a railroad of misfortune in recent months, begining with the death of Troy Dixon (the character T Bag) and followed by an apparant nervous breakdown by the shows star Jarret Cale, so it’s great to finally have some good news from them.

If you’ve never heard of the show, check all the episodes for free here, in the mean time, check this classic moment:


The blog has revealed some more of the plot of the TV series:

“If you’re new to the fold, then you need to know a few things. First, it’s pronounced “ownage”. Second, the series details the exploits of Jeremy (Jarett Cale), a 26-year-old gamer whose obsession with the Internet and gaming culture is rivalled only by his total lack of social graces. (In other words, he’s an “indoor guy”.) Behold, Jeremy:

The series, which premieres in 2010, finds Jeremy at a crossroads: if he is to maintain residence in his mother’s basement, then he’ll need to get a job — and getting a job means stepping out of the gaming world and back into reality. With that in mind, Jeremy starts his own rock band, becomes a video game tutor, and attempts to socialize with his co-workers at a grocery store.”

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