noise of trouble distopia

Over-enunciated Italian, lip-smacking spoken-word intro leading into slap bass funk metal with ska horns in accompaniment. Sound familiar ? If not, fuck off. If however, you have just thought to yourself Mike Patton and Mr.Bungle please keep reading. Or rather keep reading but re-evaluate because you already know this isn’t a Mr. Bungle release (obviously) and neither is it Mr. Patton but the first three minutes of this album will be very familiar to Bunglist Patton-ites. Indeed so closely did this resemble my personal holy cows that I almost made a big mistake and turned it off. I was outraged that someone could think that this plagiarism was acceptable. But then I got to track three (apologies but the copy I got sent didn’t have any track titles) which consisted off a squeaking sax, clattering kitchenware percussion and a free jazz bassline. Yes, I know that sounds exactly like a “Pranzo Oltranzista” outtake and I suppose to some extent so far the record is still slavishly Patton-esque but this kind of wayward obtuse approach to making music is exactly what the Bungle’s wanted and here, nearly twenty years later they’re still making a hugely significant impact on excellent musicians. Because one thing I haven’t stated yet that is that this record is played flawlessly and this really start to comes to light on track 4 (apologies again). Track 4 is a sort of Ethio-Jazz meets Acoustic Ladyland funk workout but it’s where they really distinguish themselves as a separate entity for the first time on the album.

From this point things just get better and better. Track 5 is a total improvisational freak out. Track 6 is the band accompanying some sort of spken word piece. I don’t have a fucking clue what it’s about and it’s as irritating as fuck (being nearly 9 minutes long) but I love irritating music. Did I mention that ? Clearly these Italian musicians have absorbed the last twenty years of Ipecac / Web of Mimicry releases and put them to good use because while the genetic material may not be wholl original I am telling you right now that Track 7 WILL absolutely make you get up and do the “Spasmic Equilateral”. What’s the “Spasmic Equilateral”? Well it’s my dance that I had to do when this awesome saxophone led tune arrived in my ears. It’s the only dance that is physically and emotionally compatible with this tune and I’m not teaching anyone how to do it but I love it a lot and I think the chicks will really go for it.

So from being highly skeptical at the beginning I have been masterfully tipped over the edge and strategically so because I have half the album left. But I’ve said what I need to. Brigadisco is an awesome label. I love Umanzuki and I really love Noise of Trouble and I urge you to go and get copies of both.


100,000 dodecahedrons




Kim Monaghan