If you haven’t heard Tomahawk, you’re half a (wo)man, it’s as simple as that. Featuring Mike (Fantomas/Mr Bungle) Patton on vox, Duane (Jesus Lizard) Dennison on the geetar, John (Helmet/Battles) Stanier, and now Trevor (Fantomas/Mr Bungle/Melvins) Dunn on bass; to be honest, the lineup alone should have you running to your rekkid store to buy their back-catalogue.

It’s seemed like an eternity since the band released their native American songbook inspired ‘Anonymous’ back in 2007, an … eternity, so you can imagine, this video came as a massive relief to me:

As if that’s not enough good news, Patton’s label ‘Ipecac Recordings‘ has just released a retrospective 12″ vinyl boxset of the first three albums, entitled ‘Eponymous to Anonymous’, so you really have no excuse not to catch up do you?

I can only hope that Tomahawk will be returning to these fare shores in support of this release, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.


Ken Eakins

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