Bassline house is a term I have only used in a derogatory sense before now. For instance if I was to have an encounter with someone and they performed unsatisfactorily I would say something like “You’re less use than bassline house” or if I was eating something that didn’t taste nice I would say “This tastes worse than bassline house.” That’s because previously the only bassline house I heard was flung out of shitty cars, converted to look like futuristic training shoes, driven by crudely carved lumps of fat disguised as human beings. But Dj Q is here to shut my stupid mouth for me and I’m glad he has.

On paper I should be behind bassline all the way. I loved drum n bass (thanks Chase and Status / Pendulum you fucking backward pricks), I loved Reso and about three of the dubstep tunes that appeared when it was first christened (not any of the hipster rubbish that sounds like techno crying). I even liked about three speed garage tunes so its about time someone gave me some reason to like bassline house. And this is it.

The titular tune (you simply won’t get this kind of quality alliteration in other reviews) is the weakest of the two because it goes all dark and moody, and while it is effective Reso would just laugh at it then destroy it with a mere raised eyebrow. The other tune however “Swing” is great. Nothing unexpected, nothing too daring just a great big bassline that bounds around like Clifford the big red dog would if he was made of bass.  There are sped up vocal samples and rave horns and some Mr. Oizo noises….basically its just speed garage but the whole thing made me want to get fucking trollied and dance like a fucking trollied idiot. I didn’t though I sat and wrote a review about it while having a cup of tea because I’m sensible.


Out now. Buy it.


Kim Monaghan