It’s about time! The amazing SUNN O))) are returning to the lower depths of our earlobes, Rock-A-Rolla reports:



SunnO))) have completed their long-awaited new studio album, entitled Monoliths & Dimensions. The album was recorded during 2007 and 2008 with Randall Dunn and, as previously reported, features a host of collaborators, including Eyvind Kang, Oren Ambarchi, Jessika Kenney, Attila Csihar and Dylan Carlson, amongst others. Described by the band as “probably the most musical piece we’ve done and also the heaviest, powerful and most abstract set of chords we’ve laid to tape” the album, the band’s 7th, is slated for a May 5th release via Southern Lord.

sunn2SunnO))) will also make a special, one-off appearance at London’s Corsica Studios on February 22nd, with the core duo Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson performing their debut The Grimmrobe Demos.



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