A few years ago, I heard about a film called ‘Invisible Children: Rough Cut’, it highlighted the story of a Ugandan terrorist called Joseph Kony, and the plight of children that he was recruiting (and often kidnapping), to join his army. Often the children would be forced to kill their parents, or were sold into the sex trade. The scary thing about Kony, is that he has no real political motivation. He just does it to maintain power. This is the scariest type of evil bastard.

The makers of the film decided to take action by activism in the US and Uganda, and formed ‘Invisible Children Inc‘ to help spread the word. This action forced the hand of the US government, and they eventually sent about one hundred troops in Uganda to assist in the capture of Kony, a master of staying hidden. Kony was alerted to the troops, and went deeper into hiding.

The guys over at Invisible Children are not giving up their campaign to catch Kony, however, and have come up with this amazing idea to help smoke out this rat:

Check out http://kony2012.com to pledge your support, get the pack, and help nail this menace.


Ken Eakins


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