I’ve been really ill for the last week, and what has saved me from a death-by-boredom-related- self-induced-coma-death, has been listening to the plethora of wonderful podcasts on offer. One podcast in particular that I have been a fan of since ‘back in the day’ (yeah I’m super-cool!), announced something however, that almost sent me spiralling back into the aforementioned pit of despair and Imodium. WUOG presents Out There: A weekly journey into the world of the Occult, Conspiracy Theory, The Paranormal and other bizarre undercurrents of the human psyche…is coming to an end! Yes that’s right folks, perhaps the greatest podcast of all time is finishing a

t the big 50, episode 50 that is.


But What is the show actually about? Well, put simply its the best put together programme that looks at weirdness, Subculture and Counterculture Out There (no pun intended). What separates this show from the competition is the way the hosts, Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall, approach their subject matter. In most cases, shows about, for example, conspiracy theory, tend to be very ‘preachy’ and serious; Out There tends to inject an air of neutrality and humour. Another great factor of the show is the lack of assumption, by this I mean that, again, unlike other shows of this ilk, the listener is not expected to know about the entire spectrum of events, people and opinions in the fields of investigation covered in the show topics. This lack of assumption allows you to follow them on an exploratory journey, and if it floats your boat, you can continue your quest for knowledge with a well explained introductory grounding…i for example, ended up buying a really good book on the Georgia Guidestones ( see episode 8).


But before you rush out and panic-download all the episodes, you should know that the good hosts have taken over their shows copyright from WUOG, and via T-Shirt sales will keep the episodes afloat for all time. So cancel the mass downloading, and wait, like me, patiently for episode 50, with a box of Kleenex, a bugle and a black armband and see off the good ship Out There, as it makes it final voyage into the podcasting sea.


You can get all the episodes of Out There Radio via iTunes (or any other podcatcher) or directly from their site here

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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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