Hi there…wow!…this has been a LONG time coming!

This is the home for the all new blog and podcast community called Right Where you are Sitting Now, the aim of this site is to slowly build a community of like-minded people and shows and give them a place where they can express their idea’s.

The, for use of a better term, ‘flagship’ show of the site is the same-named Right Where you are Sitting Now Podcast; this show will be an interview based show, presented by me and a revolving door of guest hosts. The premise of the show is the investigation of the Counter-cultural and Subcultural weirdness this world throws at us. Topics will include everything from The Occult to Underground Music and Fringe Writers.

The first episode is an interview with the hosts of two of my all time favourite podcasts Out There Radio and Two Geeks, a Mic and a Podcast. In this episode I will be asking my guests to describe their experiences podcasting, running a show and some of their favourite moments. The show is well underway already, with the Out There crew already interviewed and in the bag (awesome guys) and the Two Geeks interview taking place tomorrow.

I realise that the site is still a little basic, but give us a few weeks and I guarantee it will be teaming with audio and written activity from some really cool writers and podcasters!

keep em peeled!


About the Author

Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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