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Ever had problems explaining Bob Dobbs and Discordianism in court? Then watch this video we dug up on the tubes:

From the video blurb:

The incredulous defendant is required to explain the Subgenius spoof webtoy for declaring a Short Duration Marriage, the Shor-Dur-Mar. We have a sworn & witnessed reading of a reply from the recipient of the joke email generated when you fill out the Subgenius Form. This was then construed by the State as a real wedding.

After doing a little research, it would seem that the defendent is one Sondra London, who is described on Wikipedia as ‘The Queen of Serial Killer Groupies’. The case appears to be either in defense of, or providing ‘expert testimony’ for Danny Rolling, aka The Gainesville Ripper.

Talk about reality being stranger than fiction!

Ken Eakins

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