Carroll Poke Runyon explains Goetic Magick

Ignore it’s 70’s/80’s cheesiness, and this series is quite a find!

Goetic Magick is something that we have discussed with Lon Milo Duquette on one of our shows, but sometimes I think that you really need to see some of this stuff in practise to truly appreciate that it can be done.

The host, Carroll Poke Runyon aka Frater Thabion, does a pretty decent job of explaining some of the key ritual techniques (and pimps his companion book ):

His background in occult study and practice is extensive: in 1970, following a near-death experience, and a mystic vision, he became the founder of The Ordo Templi Astartes (O.T.A.). which is now America’s oldest continually operating Ritual magick Lodge. In 1980 Runyon received his Master’s Degree in cultural anthropology from California State University at Northridge, specializing in Magick. After graduate school he went through all the degrees of Freemasonry in both the Scottish and York Rites

The videos appear in 7 10 minute parts, and are quite extensive. Enjoy:

Ken Eakins

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