A few days ago this site was looking pretty shoddy, nothing seemed to work properly and i was starting to think that maybe this was a bad idea. The site was originally installed by Install4free, because frankly I have no idea how to get MySql databases up and running and am generally an HTML dunce. I asked those guys for help and they pointed me to James Burton and his Erratic Souls blog.

James within minutes responded to my call for help and after some moments of saintly patience (from him), the site was up and looking great! James knows WordPress (the blogging platform that we use on our site) back-to-front, and understood immediately what I was after and sorted us out super-professionally. 

James works on a donation-based payment scheme for his services and only expects what you can afford, which in our case was hardly a kings ransom. So, to try and ‘top-up’ our payment, I decided to advertise him in the form of a blog post, not much I know…but something. 

I also recently discovered that James and his partner received some tragic news, and everyone at RWYASN sends them their best wishes and thoughts in, what must be, this very troubling time.


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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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